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Life Coaching

By Brad Eickhoff, Certified Life Coach

Business Meeting

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a professional relationship between a certified life coach and a client designed to tap into your full potential. Just as professional athletes wouldn’t think of training without the added insight, objective perspective and enthusiastic support of an athletic coach, many of today’s most successful business leaders, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs and everyday people use the services of a life coach to take their lives, careers, or businesses to the next level.  Why wait any further, you can use a Certified Life Coach too!

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Uplific Speaking & Life Coaching - Behind the Scenes

Consider Brad Eickhoff as  your Certified Life Coach.  Brad will be an independent third party ready to listen, understand your thoughts and offer things to consider.  Many resources and activities are available to help identify the way you think, see things and make an informed decision.

Life Coaching Services: Press
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