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Tough Things Make You Stronger

Over the past couple of weeks, my family has been through some tough things. On November 22nd, 2020, my sister's 50th birthday, she lost her husband. Her husband passed away while they were on a trip to celebrate her Birthday. While my sister was faced with the sudden loss of her husband, she also had to be there to support their two older daughters (17 and 20 years old).

My sister had to get home, get her husband home, plan a funeral, plan a final resting spot and help her two daughters in the meantime. Family, friends, former-coworkers and neighbors all pulled together to help her out. She has also had to learn about his business, interview potential buyers of the business and learn about financial things she never had to worry about in the past.

Although the past two weeks have been a heck of a way to learn those things, my Sister did it with flying colors. We have been by her and the girls side the entire time. Today we will lay him down for eternal rest.

RIP C.A.M..... Job well done L.K.M. I am proud of you both. Love, Your Brother (BSE)


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